Hey guys,

So most of you guys know that I have an Alienware M11x which doesn’t have a DVD drive. My dad luckily had a reasonably old Pioneer drive which would do the job just fine. Unfortunately, the drive wouldn’t show up in the computer section of my laptop. I check device manager and it said that the drive was there just there was a problem. I tried many tactics like uninstalling the drive but it still stayed broken. I could open the drive and it was spinning but it just wasn’t showing up in my computer. I surfing the web for about an hour and found this article: http://forums.techguy.org/hardware/524738-computer-wont-recognize-dvd-drive.html. It REALLY helped. Note to self, tech.org is awesome.

BTW I just did an update to omnitechnews.net. We now have forums! Tell me what you guys like by commenting on our website.

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 – Robert

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