Ya, I know, I haven’t been posting a lot of photos to my blog recently but I have been posting them to Flickr instead. I have just decided that I like Flickr better for publishing my photos. Go check them out at Flickr.com/RobertJFClarke.

What have I been doing recently? Well I am thinking about getting a new camera. A Canon T2i to be exact. My Nikon D40 is a great camera but there are some features that I am missing. One feature that I can’t wait to have in the T2i is bracketing. This will allow me to publish way more HDRs. I am not actually sure that the T2i does bracketing to be honest so I am going to do some more research before I purchase the camera. It also does 1080p 3fps video. More short films here I come! Sadly I will only be getting the 18-55mm kit lens when I get it but I will be looking at a macro lens in the future.

I am also thinking about selling my current iPhone to make way for a future phone. Windows Phone 7 and the new iPhone are about to come out and the iPhone 3G will drop in price. If I sell it now, I will get a much better deal.

Anyway, thanks for reading my blog. Blog ya soon!

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