Some of you know that my desktop computer died on me a few weeks ago. It has been near impossible to edit videos and is taking up all my time. On my next desktop computer, I am going to build it from scratch. All the parts for this future computer are on my Amazon wishlist: I have put the parts that are nessicary for the computer to work as “highest” priority

So I really need a new computer to edit videos on. I have an idea of doing a telethon. WHat I would do is do a live stream for 6 hours straight and do how tos and stuff like that. Here are the things that I could do on the stream:

  • How to shoot a good video review
  • How to write a good written review
  • Live reviews of products
  • Q & A
  • The history of OmniTechNews
  • Audience ideas

If you are interested in seeing me doing any of these things on a telethon, please leave a comment if you would like sponsor. So what I want to know is: how many people would be willing to sponser a telethon? Please email me if you are interested in sponsoring or if you have an idea:



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