This is an essay I did on the book Treasure Island for my 8th grade book project.

Annotated Bibliography

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson is set in south-west England in the mid-18th century. This story is about Jim Hawkins (the narrator) who stumbles onto some pirates, which could mean death for him. The main characters include Jim Hawkins, the narrator of the story, Billy Bones, the seamen who stays at Jim’s parent’s inn. Black Dog, an enemy of Billy. Captain Smollett, the captain of the expedition to Treasure Island, and Long John Silver, the secret leader of the pirate band.

Key Events

  1. The first key event is when Billy Bones opens the paper to find a pirate’s summons, with a warning that he has until 10pm.
  2. Another key event is when Twelawny makes Long John Silver run the gallery of the ship.
  3. Another key event is when Jim goes the house of the landlord (Squire Trelawney) and Dr. Livesey, where they find the oilskin pouch which has a book of where Captain Flint’s treasure is located.

My Opinion

My favorite parts of the story were quite unusual. One of my favorite parts was the beginning, because it is interesting to me to know about the setting of the book. It is placed in England, and the adventures travel to many places that I’ve been to before, and it was fun imagining the places in this story. My next favorite part was when the pirates find the chest and the money, but then don’t actually find “Flint’s First”. This is amazing because even though they have found valuable treasure, they are still not satisfied. My third favorite part was when Silver’s crew sets sail from Bristol. I really liked the description at this point, and it painted a very vivid picture in my mind. This always makes a book more interesting.

I think the kind of readers that would enjoy this book is the people that enjoy adventure stories, and people like that like books on pirates and the sea. As a child, I read an adaptation of this book, which made it easier to digest but looking back, I don’t think younger kids would enjoy it because of its vocabulary. As a 14 year old boy, I didn’t enjoy this tale so much as I’m not really into adventures and mysteries, but it was a fun read and I did learn a lot of new vocab. I actually enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, and I would recommend it to good friends. I think that the people that would enjoy this book would be people that enjoy classics, and adventure junkies.

I think this book is considered a classic, because it has a very strong vocabulary, which helps paint a mental picture in the readers mind. It also has a lot of aspects that are used in stories even today, (the writing style). The strong characters and the fact that this book is so old really make it a classic.

I think the best thing about reading this book, was how much of a classic pirate book it is. Many of the pirate movies and books are sourced from it. For example the character Long John Silver is portrayed as “the sea” in many places. There is even a good chain based of off this character. I really enjoyed how much of a classic story this was, and I was extremely satisfied at the end.

Overall, I would recommend that you put this on your “to read” list. This is a classic example of an adventure book that really keeps you entertained until the very end. There’s just enough action, and mystery which gives it a satisfying feeling to finish. I enjoyed this book, and I think many other people would too.

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