Hotmail has served me well there’s no denying that. From the moment I said go, I had push email on my PC and iPhone for free using Windows Live Domains. This meant that I could use my preferred domain ( in an email address which was awesome. Then I got a Mac. From then on Hotmail became a hassle to access. I had to use the web because Apple or any other 3rd party apps supported it, so I didn’t get a nice email experience. I’ve also had this issue before: Hotmail doesn’t support IMAP or full on Exchange (the iPhone uses Activesync which is different). I then made my move other to Google Apps; Google’s alternative to Windows Live Domains.

So far, I’m really liking Google Apps. I can use the nice web interface of Gmail for my mail, and I can use the official Apple Mail app on my Mac. I can also integrate Google Reader and other such Google apps that I use into my email account. There’s nothing I really dislike about it so far other than my newly-moved-over contacts don’t sync to my iPhone for some reason. If anyway knows why I’d appreciate knowing. Other than that, if you’re looking for a better free solution to using your custom domains for email, give Google Apps a try, it might be worth you’re while. I’m even thinking about OmniTechNews email over there, which is a plus.

– Robert

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