There were about 50 people watching in the court

You saw this title and you thought: “Wow, Robert really went to court over Minecraft?”. The answer is yes, but it was in VoxelCourt on a Minecraft server called “The Voxel Box“. I was being charged of griefing. This wasn’t a normal griefing charge though, this was a charge for chaging the state of a redstone repeater. I honestly confess that I didn’t actually grief, and they didn’t have any witnesses. On top of that, this was in a protected area on their server so I can’t beleive I was charged anyway.

Regardless, I had a great time in this court being judged none other than the user “ElEvn”. I am now banned on the server for the false charges of griefing. That being said, every now and again I find another way to get into it, and it’s a blast when they find out it’s me.

I was tried in September, and looking back I regret being so cocky to the admins in the server. I loved playing in the server, and one day hope they will let me back on again.

There you go; I can now say I’ve been to court over a Minecraft server :)

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