Here it begins! For those of you that don’t know (all of you), I am taking a trip to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico tomorrow, December 17th. I am VERY excited. I’m still getting everything packed and charged, and am preparing for an early 4:45am wake-up.

I’ll be using my iPhone 4S as my main communication device, although limited to 50 texts for the entire trip, I think I can survive. At this time I’m actually loading up a bunch of awesome songs to listen to on the plane(s), so I’m all ready to go. We’re stopping in San Fransisco, so I’m trying to get as much content as possible ready. I think I’m going to sleep for a lot of the journey, but anything can happen.

During the trip, I will be going scuba diving for the first time, and have prepared a semi-underwater camera for this occasion. I won’t get the full thing, but will get as much as possible. Prepare yourself for lots of blogs and vlogs, as my journey is just beginning!


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