There’s a lot to say about the first day, so I’ll start from the beginning.

First we had to get up really early for the plane. I was vlogging all the time, and I think everyone was a bit grumpy as it was REALLY early. The airport was just how I remember it (Seatac), and we left our car in a lot.

Stupid Alaska Air didn’t let us confirm our seats until we were actually at the gate, thus we had to be there a tad bit earlier. It didn’t feel like any time at all, but I found out later we were at the airport for 2 hours. Time flies when you’re at the airport. See what I did there :)

The plane was just like any other I’ve been on. Cramped, boring, and that one damn baby that has to cry for the entire flight. Uh. Really pissed me off. We left a bit later, so our pilot was trying to make up speed. The first thing he asked us to do was turn off our kindles, which makes absolutely no sense to me. A Wifi Kindle or iPhone in flight mode will not affect the plane in any way if it’s in sleep mode. There is no point in turning it off completely. Some pilots. I listened to music and slept for the first part. On our way, we saw Stanford, the Golden Gate Bridge, and other landmarks that I remember seeing when last going to San Francisco. Let me just clarify, that our plane stopped at San Francisco as like a layover. My dad (@clarkezone) decided that we need to make another trip to California to see Leo Laporte and visit Stanford.

On the final flight from San Francisco to Pureto Vallarta, @clarkezone and I watched Quarantine. It’s supposed to be really scary, but we both laughed at some of the death scenes because some of them were completely unrealistic. And yes, there was another baby on this flight. During the last 10 minutes of the flight, we flew over the beach, and I swear that there were about 100 sharks below splashing around. Harriet and dad don’t believe me, but I saw what I saw.

It was quite an experience being in a Mexican airport for the first time. Apparently our bags had to be checked because of something or other…. They forgot to recheck mine which made me happy (they were pulling everything out of the other bags, and making a mess). When we finally got through customs and security, there was a mass mob waiting to see us things. We were watching our bags and stuff the entire time. I felt I couldn’t pull out my phone either. When I did get to use it a bit later, I found out that the data is $20/mb. Holy cow. Roaming was already off, but I had to double check anyone. Twenty Dollars per megabyte. That is a LOT of $$$. My dad didn’t pay for an international data plan, as even that is expensive, but I do have 50 texts that I can use over the entire trip. Yay.

It was about 7pm local time when we finally arrived at the hotel. After exploring for about an hour, it was very relieving that the hotel was nice. My dad was greeted with some Sake and a momosa (an exotic alcohol beverage). I was greeted by free wifi that required no login. I really can’t wait until I’m 21. I’m writing this with no internet connection at all, so you’ll have to wait for the media and pictures, but check my Facebook and Twitter for a few pictures that I managed to get up. I posted one in particular that got a lot of likes on Facebook, of the pool and the sunset background. My friends are very jealous that I get to go to Mexico, for obvious reasons. I admit it, I was a bit cranky until I had something to eat, but that is a whole different story. We got our bags into the room, which doesn’t have a great room, but it’s ok. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I was worried about my computer being stolen, but luckily the hotel has a laptop-sized safe! The one thing that completely blows about our room is that the Wifi signal doesn’t carry. GRRRR so frustrating. I’ve found that the reception is the only room when you can ever get semi-decent signal. Whenever I go by with my phone in my pocket, it starts vibrating like crazy as it picks up all the emails, tweets, facebooks etc.

For dinner, we went to the buffe. Before I continue, let me clarify that ALL food and drink in this hotel is free. You have to book 24 hours in advance for the fancy resturaunts, so we just had to stick with the buffet. I’ve never seen so much food in my entire life. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to an American buffet before, but this place is HUGE. It’s like Epic Buffet time. I stuffed myself completely full. After that, it was time to hit the local night activities. I was extremely happy to find that the hotel included a nice selection of non-alcoholic cocktails, and I didn’t even have to teach the bartenders my favorites. If I remember correctly, I had 5 cocktails, some 7-up, and Pepsi. The music was great, and my mum said she would pay me 100 Pesos ($10 approx.) if I would dance with her on stage. Never again. Luckily I don’t know anyone here. I got to bed at around 11:30pm local time, all ready for tomorrow morning. Before I went to sleep, my mum bet me 20 Pesos ($2 approx.) that dad (having drunk a lot that evening), would not get up for a swim at 8am (6am Pacific). You’ll have to see who won the bet in the next post :)

Yeah, I’m pretty happy. I’m actually writing this on day 2, as I didn’t have much time to write the post yesterday, but I’ll try getting back to real-time. I have a lot to look forward to over the week, and will try and blog/vlog every bit of it. If you enjoyed this post, I would really appreciate a comment and a Facebook like (button and comment box below). You can also hit the donate in the sidebar, as it inspires me to create awesome new content for you all!

– Robert

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