Wow,┬áPureto Vallarta is amazing. We’ve had such a great time, I’ve had hardly had any time to blog :) On the other hand I’ve got a lot of video.

My dad DID actually get up at 8am, so I lost 20 Pesos to my mother. It was actually very surprising, because he did drink A LOT. We got to try out the infinite pool which was my favorite part. I’ve only ever seen them in magazines and stuff. My favorite part of the hotel, is the swim-up bar. It’s hard to describe, but you go up and order you drink, while sitting on a barstool which is under the water. This is awesome for three reasons; I’ve allowed to sit at a bar, the drinks are free, and it’s underwater!

As the day went by, it got sunnier, and sunnier, and sunnier, and thus hotter, and hotter, and hotter. Wow it’s nice to be in Mexico. We took camp at a shady bit, and dad slept for pretty much the whole time. I went back and forth from getting drinks (Mai Thais, and other various non-alcohol cocktails), to just swimming around the pool. At one point my sister, mother and I went to do a bit of exploring on the beach. Dad was completely asleep, so he didn’t come along. We did some body-boarding with the free boards, then some other exploring along the beach. We saw some puffer fish that had been swept up on the shore. They’re just like they are in the movies :) Harriet and mum tried to save some (with mum’s shoe), but we knew that they couldn’t be saved. There were some local Mexican merchants on the beach, one of which was selling coconut milk. We didn’t drink all of it, but felt it was important to support the locals.

For lunch we stuffed at the buffet as usual. Then more swimming, and water volleyball with some other guests. As it got towards night, we were getting a bit hungry as our reservation at the local Mexican restaurant was at 8:45pm. We played pool while waiting. It was definitely worth the wait, because we had a great Mexican server by the name of Jesus, who made some delicious tortia soup. After the meal, dad had a Mayan Coffee, which including fancy cup-to-cup tequila heating. That may sound a bit odd, but it will all make sense in the day-2 vlog. After that, we hit the night club for some more free drinks, and weird dancing on stage. It was pretty crazy. The day ended at around 11pm, and I was very tired. Day 3 is gonna be good :)

– Robert

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