I admit it, I didn’t do very much today. Never fear though, as I will blog every bit of it!

First things first, I got up at 11am. I missed the breakfast buffet, and was pretty groggy. Not even a Mai Thai could get me awake. I’m starting to wonder if the waiters did slip something into one of the many drinks I had…..

Lunch was the same: buffet, and then some time to use my computer. The internet here is just horrible. Beyond horrible. Then again, at least I have internet. I think being on a 7-day vacation and not having any internet at all would finish me right off.

Today marks the first day of our cuba diving training. We’re not getting the full PADI certification, but we can use some of the training and dives we’re using on this vacation towards the full certification. We waited FOREVER while our instructor (Frank), got the tanks and everything loaded up. Finally, after everything was loaded up and we were ready to learn, we’d waited around 45 minutes. Before we dive into the ocean, we need to know the basics of diving. This included all the hand signals and stuff, which we learned, two by two, in a freezing cold pool. Aparently my lips were blue after the lesson ended, but I need to check the GoPro footage before I can confirm that.

Mum brought along a GoPro 2 sports camera, which I had head-mounted for part of the lesson, and used for some underwater vlogging. I’m hoping that I can use it tomorrow for the full dive, but dad thinks that it will get in the way of the mask. It would be awesome to bring it along though, as it is a very cool piece of kit.

After the lesson concluded, we went back to the hotel and watched some TV, and just killed time for a bit. It was about 7 when we got back, and so we had 2 hours to kill before our dinner reservation at 9. That nights dinner was steak, at the steakhouse, and I have to say it wasn’t as good as our experience at the Mexican restaurant which we attended last night. Still, it was hot food after a freezing enoucnter in the pool, and for that I am grateful.

That pretty much wraps day 3. Day 4 is going to be awesome, as we’re heading out for a full 2-dives off one of the beaches. It’s gonna be good :)

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