Wow, today was scuba diving day. I’ve been waiting to go scuba diving for basically my entire life, and I finally lived the dream!

We had an early wakeup today, clocking in at just before 7am, which is very early with the time difference, and the minimal sleep. I actually overslept a bit, and my parents were not happy about that.

The day 4 vlog is going to be very interesting, because we used the GoPro underwater camera for both dives. As always, you’ll have to wait until I get back for that :)

I think I slept in the car ride there, which is 15 minutes. After we arrived at the scuba shop, we had to wait a little bit, then try on the fins so we would be all ready on the boat. We didn’t have to worry about the wet suits, as they said they would fit. At around 9am, we were ready to go. We got on the boat, and started the 40 minute trip to the diving site. We dived at Mariatas, which is to the south of Pureto Vallarta. When we got there, it was time to suit up, and mask up. The whole process didn’t take very long at all, and we were diving around 20 minutes after arriving at the location. Now comes the fun stuff.

The vlog says a lot about the dive, so watch that on my YouTube channel (when I get back from Pureto Vallarta), for the full dive. We saw all kinds of sting rays, fish, eels, and all sorts under the water. I have to say though, it was freezing under the water at some points. There was one point during the dive, when I accidentally awoke a sleep Manta Ray, and it freaked me out. I got to hold starfish, pufferfish, and touch an octopus for the first time. The second dive was pretty much the same as the first, with a few more fish, and a few other minor differences. The deepest we went throughout both dives was 55 feet, which isn’t very deep, but allowed us to see lots of fish, stay reasonably warm, and no decompression on the way up. At the end of the second dive, I had used up almost all of my 3,000PSI worth of air, which was a bit scary. I think we all had a great time diving, and I would love to continue diving in other locations.

After the dives were completed, we had a sack lunch and went on a little bit of a whale-watching tour. We saw sperm wales breaching a few times, and Harriet swore she saw some dolphins swimming along. I then fell asleep on the boat, and woke up to some ocean spray hitting me in the face. The trip on the boat was very realizing, because it was a private boat just for our family. We definitely had a great time on the boat, and I can’t wait to share the GoPro footage we got.

When we got back, we had a steak dinner, followed by a swim in the pool, and just general decompressing. It was a physically-stressful day, but I we all enjoyed it. Tomorrow is going to be filled with relaxing by the pool, before zip lining and rappelling on Thursday.

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