I started reading Steve Jobs on October 24th, and have only just finished it today. Yes, I know I’ve taken a long time to read it, but reading The Ramayana and other such books for my Language Arts class took it’s tool. I also wanted to enjoy the book, and not just rush through it for a review on my website. I think this style of reading worked out in the end, as I really did enjoy it.

Apple products have been part of my life for the last 6 years or so, from my first Powerbook G4 to my MacBook Air and iPhone 4S. I’ve always found Steve’s keynotes fascinating, and consider him a roll model. A while back my dad had a friend at Apple, and I was always hearing stories about his meetings with Steve. Apparently he shouted a lot, and was just a general asshat. It didn’t surprise me that he came off as kind of a douchebag in this book but hey, people live their lives how they want. Steve is still a roll model to me, because he was a real innovate in the tech industry, and did things that nobody thought possible. He was a rebel, and I like that about him.

I picked up Steve Jobs wanting to learn more about his life, and that I certainly did. I had misconceptions about the former Apple CEO, and it was  very interesting to understand and appreciate his rise to fame. The Steve Jobs bio is still 50% off at Amazon (even the hardback version!) so I recommend checking it out there.

 – Robert

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