So you didn’t go to Minecon, but you still want one of those shiny capes that everyone else has. Never fear, Capes for Steve is here to save the day! This simple mod I created, is here to bring you capes, and only capes. It’s really simple to set up, and it’s coded from the ground up to work with other mods, like Zombe’s collection of mods. It even works with other players in Multiplayer servers!

Download it here, and this is how to install it:

1. Go to your .minecraft folder, then open the bin folder inside of that. Open the Minecraft.jar file with 7Zip or a similar application.
2. Delete the Meta-inf folder inside of your Minecraft.jar file.
3. Copy in and replace the vi.class file in your minecraft.jar file, with the vi.class file included in the zip folder.
4. Open up Minecraft, and enjoy the capes!

Thanks for sharing the URL with friends!

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