Today, my 4-pack of the Jones holiday soda 2011 arrived. I opened, and drank one of the sodas on videos, it was the sugar plum soda. I will never forget that first sip. I’ve never had such a fine drink in my entire life. I want/need more. The problem is, the sugar plum variant of your soda is limited edition, meaning at some point in the near future, Jones-enthusiasts like me won’t be able to quench there first for this delicious beverage.

Jones soda, if I can get 500 people to sign an online petition, will you produce more sugar plum Jones soda? I’m sure there are others out there agree with me, that your sugar plum soda is fantastic, so please consider!

Readers of my blog, the best thing you can do right now is click the tweet button below, to let Jones know about this!

UPDATE: We tried guys, but it looks like it’s something Jones isn’t really thinking about right now. We tried!

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