I went to Crystal Mountain for a mini-vacation this past weekend, and got to ski with this wonderful of Rainier. We stayed at this small inn a few miles outside the mountain, which had an awesome hot tub. This is a picture of me and my dad at the top of Crystal, notice the GoPro on his head :) I was also wearing my Panda glasses, I didn’t even need to use my goggles.

This was the huge powder bowl at the top of the mountain. The conditions were perfect, making it awesome to ski down. There was a little part at the end which you could straight-line; with the view and everything, it was bliss.

This is the lift that goes to the top of the mountain. You get an idea of the scale of it all by looking at this.

Here’s a panorama I took with Photosynth on my iPhone. Click on it to make it bigger.

Look at that blue sky.

This was my dad and I’s favorite spot to see the view. It was a short way down from the top, on a trail that nobody really used. It was amazing.

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