I have to say, PAX was pretty awesome this year. I met a lot of awesome people, and played a lot of cool games. For those of you that don’t know, PAX is a huge gaming conference, where thousands of nerds gather from all the world to play games, and have fun in Seattle.

One of my big highlights of PAX this year was getting to meet most of the Mojang team. Here you can see (most) of the Minecraft devs, and myself. The Mojang booth itself was awesome, I really liked all the community artwork displayed around the booth.

I also interviewed Jens, the video of which will be going up soon.

iJustine had a mini-tweetup in Seattle, so I went over to say hello. This photo was shot just in front of the new Seattle wheel.

Bumped into Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch on my way to get some sushi, which was pretty awesome.

Pretty awesome year at PAX, even if it does get my crowded every year. 3 days of non-stop walking and standing are pretty exhausting, but the social aspect is just unparalleled for a gaming convention.

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