I actually updated my iPhone in school today, because they have brilliant networking uplinks there. It went pretty smooth, I originally thought that the school blocking system would block Apple’s servers in some way, but nope, no problem.

After playing around with it for the last few hours, I’m not very impressed. Being able to tweet from notification center is probably the coolest feature I’ve found so far. There are some little tweaks here and there, but nothing that gets me very excited. The iPhone 5/new iPods looks great (from what I’ve seen), but iOS is really starting to show age. Come on Apple, we want need something new here.

And now we talk about the new iPhone. Unfortunately, mine won’t be here until Wednesday next week (sadface), but I’m happy we ordered them. @clarkezone decided that we should switch to Verizon, which I fully support, because the AT&T network in Redmond is terrible. Even with LTE coming to AT&T in our area, they’ve already lost us. I usually get very nice speeds on my Verizon iPad, so I’m looking forward to the increased network performance on the new iPhone.

There’s not much to say about the new iPods really. The new iPod Nano is a joke, honestly, I think it looks terrible. As far as the iPod Touch goes, I’ll have to see one in real life before I can pass a judgement on that.

Some people say Apple are losing it. I’m hesitant to disagree, and to agree for that matter, but I think they need to get their act together and show us something we haven’t seen before. It’s hard to argue with the billions they’re making though.

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