I don’t really have much to say about the new iPhone, because there’s not much “new” about it, but I don’t want to share some of my general thoughts about Apple’s new phone.

We’ll start with the design, because this is new. I’m really liking the new flush edges, I think it makes the phone more complete in a way. The aluminum on the back is great (apart from the fact that it scratches so easily). Although it’s a small thing, having the headphone jack on the bottom of the phone is great, having all the ports on one side of the device is for the win. LTE is simply awesome, especially on Verizon, I get up to 60Mbps in Redmond (both up and down).

4 inch is big, and the colors are more vivid. Easily one of my favorite things about the 5.

In regards to software, there are some nice little features in iOS 6, but nothing groundbreaking. I honestly can’t wait for a redesign, as everything is looking quite dated.

The iPhone 5 is a neat upgrade, I like the redesign, there are some nice additions to iOS 6, but nothing that makes the ground shake. I’m happy that I switched to Verizon (from AT&T), as the up and down speeds are amazing. Would I recommend it? Yes, but play around with it at an Apple store to decide if you want to give it a go.

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