New in latest version

  •  + Now works with Minecraft 1.4.6


  • Upload your own capes! You HAVE to upload a cape for one to appear.
  • Works in multiplayer, just make sure you buddies also have this mod.
  • Capes are stored on Rackspace, so delivery off capes in Minecraft is blazing fast.

Capes for Steve is a Minecraft mod which adds a Minecraft cape to your character. Upload your cape, and it will appear in-game! Learn to create your own cape, or download a few pre-made capes by our talented players.

[1.4.6] Current version: 1.0.4 (click here to download)

How to install

1. Go to your .minecraft folder, then open the bin folder inside of that. Open the Minecraft.jar file with 7Zip or a similar application.
2. Delete the Meta-inf folder inside of your Minecraft.jar file.
3. Copy in and replace the vi.class file in your minecraft.jar file, with the vi.class file included in the zip folder.
4. Open up Minecraft, and enjoy the capes!