The new modpack installer is in development, it’s going to rock.

My modpack currently consists of only a few features, and 1 additional mod that has been tested, and works nicely with the modpack. This modpack is currently only really good for people that play on my MC server, as it’s main features are designed to run on my server:

New Features Since Last Version

  •  + Fixed the issue some people were having with MC crashing on start.
  •  – Removed the main menu GUI stuff until I can fix the crashing issues.

Features of the Modpack

Current version – 1.8.1

Compatible with Minecraft 1.1

How to Install

I haven’t made any kind of installer yet, so you’ll have to install the modpack manually. Here’s how to install it:

1. Go to > .minecraft > Bin then rename your Minecraft.jar to something different. (if upgrading, you can just overwrite it when unziping the new files)

2. Unzip the entire zip file contents into your .minecraft folder, merging both the bin folder, and the mods folder if you don’t have that already (if upgrading, merge all the folders, but overwrite the files that were there before)

3. Boot up Minecraft, and everything should work just fine.

4. If that didn’t work, watch this video, or wait for Robert to release an official – how to install a modpack video.

5. [OPTIONAL] Upload your own cape for use in-game

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