New in last version

  •  + Compatible with Minecraft 1.2.4

Planned features

  • For the big 1.0 release, I really want Stepcraft to be an auto-jumper, not just so blocks behave like half blocks do, which is what the mod currently does right now. It’s going to take some time, but I really want it to be more natural.

Stepcraft is the mod you’ve been waiting for! Consider it a sort of “auto-jumper”, which lets you automatically jump up blocks as if they were half steps. Half-steps are not affected at all! It’s been coded to be compatible with lots of popular mods, including Zombes mods. It’s very easy to install, just follow the instructions below.

[1.2.4] Current version: 0.4 (click here to download)

How to install

1. Go to your .minecraft folder, then open the bin folder inside of that. Open the Minecraft.jar file with 7Zip or a similar application.
2. Delete the Meta-inf folder inside of your Minecraft.jar file.
3. Copy in and replace the class file in your minecraft.jar file, with the aar.class file included in the zip folder.
4. Open up Minecraft, and enjoy the mod!

If you want more features, tweet, +1, like, comment, you know the deal!